The K-Spot

Last week on the television series Franklin and Bash one of the leading characters stated that he no longer goes for the G-spot because he has discovered the K-spot.  It’s higher than the G-spot and much more intense.

Being utterly honest, I Googled “K-spot” to see if it was part of the female anatomy.  Based on my search results, I’d say it’s not.  As I read more about sex I’m realizing how little I actually know.  I’m nearly 30 and just learned the G-spot is different than the clitoris, AND that women can climax two different ways – 1. Through Intercourse (which I think activates the G-spot) and 2. Stimulation of the clitoris.

While these things are basic knowledge for a lot of women, they’re new to me.  Learning how my body works sexually has increased my comfort with actively seeking what I need verse hoping it just happens.

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