Spit or Swallow

I heard the phrase “spit or swallow” way before I knew what it meant.  It’s weird to think men categorize women by these actions.  I never gave it much thought but when I did I felt an odd sense of camaraderie.  There must have been enough other “spitters” out there to warrant the title.  For some reason I felt guilty for being in that bucket, knowing I wasn’t alone was nice.

I tried switching teams once in college and ended up in the bathroom with stomach issues promising myself never again.

But this year as I started unleashing my Inner Sex Goddess my view has changed.  Getting up quickly, sprinting to the sink to reject the fluid no longer aligned with the place I found myself during the act.  It was now about giving pleasure and connecting, breaking away suddenly was no longer desirable.

Since this year is about experimenting I kept an open mind and it turned out something else caused my upset stomach a while back.

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